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The 3 cases of the tire show that the tire is going to blow out!

The tire has a bulge

Some of the tire tread strength is not enough, will produce bulge and tread level of air bubbles, resulting in tire pressure instability. If the owner ignores the problem or does not find it, it is very easy to cause a blowout. So when the tire is in this situation, don't hesitate to change.

Side wall crack of tire

The side wall of the tire is much weaker than the front of the tire. Some owners of the unskilled, when the roadside parking is easy to scratch the curb tire sidewall. Or driving on some roads with poor road conditions, resulting in scraping the sidewall of the tire. If there is a crack in the sidewall of the tire, it is likely that the tire will be leaking, resulting in the instability of the tire pressure and even the possibility of a blowout. So after the discovery, go to the repair shop and check the tires.

Serious wear of tires

Now the car tyres are set up with a wear indicator. When the tread wear is flush with the wear indicator, it shows that the wear is quite serious. At this time, the grip of the tire has been greatly reduced, and it is easy to slip. And the tire has been very thin, and continues to drive a flat tire, so it is also necessary to replace a new tire at this time to prevent the tire blowout.