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The shortage of auxiliaries makes tyre enterprises "fire"

Environmental storm caused a decrease in supply

Up to 87% of the respondents believed that the main reason for the stress on the supply of auxiliaries was that environmental storms caused production companies to limit production and stop production.

7% of people believe that the downstream enterprises stockpile too much, which leads to the market demand.

At the same time, there are 3% of people said, let suppliers sell products Qiaoxiao, is a major cause of tension in the auxiliary supply.

Another 3% of the people chose other reasons.

It is understood that since 2017, the national environmental supervision has been upgraded, and the capacity of rubber additives has been restricted.

In addition, the production of "scattered and dirty" small factories has been seriously affected, and a large number of enterprises have even shut down.

The crazy buying of tire enterprises

Is it necessary for enterprises to buy more than the price of additives and supply shortage?

On this issue, 23% of the people think it is necessary to at least ensure that their own business is available.

38% of the people do not think it is necessary, the reason is that the price of auxiliaries is too high, which is not in accordance with the actual value.

39% of the people believe that the problem can not be judged simply, depending on the tire production.

The tire world network has learned that rubber additives have been snapped up, which has attracted the attention of downstream users at home and abroad.

Not long ago, the Michelin Tire Company specially dispatched the purchasing team to negotiate business with the Chinese auxiliaries.

And the international tycoon tycoons have made a special call to the China Rubber Industry Association to inquire about the supply of rubber additives.

The company says the production of rubber additives in China accounts for 75% of the world's total production. Once the supply is broken, it will profoundly affect the normal production of the global tire enterprises.

Tension may continue for a short period of time

About the duration of the stress supply, 42% of the respondents believed that the environmental policy would be relaxed until the end of the winter.

40% of the people believe that the market situation is changing rapidly and the duration of the market is difficult to determine.

Only 18% of the people said that the supply of auxiliaries will continue for a long time because of the wave of rush to buy.

According to tires world network, although environmental inspectors have been identified throughout the year, but after entering the autumn and winter, due to the grim situation of environmental governance, many provinces and cities promulgated other measures to control air pollution.

During the autumn and winter, the air control action time was mainly concentrated in October 2017 to March 2018.

During this period, many provinces and cities as peak production, emergency emission reduction policies.

At present, there are a number of auxiliaries production enterprises. Because of the failure to meet the relevant environmental protection standards, they have been forced to limit production and stop production.