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How does Chinese tires remain competitive for a long time

Kidnapped by capital gambling

According to the statistics of tire Association of China Rubber Industry Association, the profit of domestic tire companies dropped by more than 70% in the first half of the year, and fluctuated greatly.

In the second half of the year, the profit of the manufacturer has improved, but the loss of profit is still around 58%.

In more than half a year, the sales revenue of the industry increased by 15% and the profit fell by more than 50%.

Zhongce Rubber Group Co., Ltd. chairman Shen Jinrong said, this shows that the whole industry has run, it is not healthy.

He believes that the crazy price of natural rubber directly leads to a huge shock in the tire industry. This is a congenital defect in the Chinese tire industry.

The innate defects Shen Jinrong said mainly refer to the supply and pricing mechanism of China's natural rubber.

It is understood that, due to the lack of short selling mechanism, China's natural rubber futures market is very easy to be manipulated by funds, and the trend of future prices directly affects spot prices.

Domestic tire, rubber and natural rubber industry suffered.

Shen Jinrong said China's natural rubber market is evolving into a game of capital, as well as a casino.

This distortion, in the long run, has seriously affected the healthy development of the Chinese tire industry.

The greatest advantage is being lost

The industry generally believes that the biggest competitiveness of Chinese tyres is high price performance, and the other word is: good and cheap.

However, in the eyes of some tire companies, the advantage of Chinese tyres is gradually losing.

In recent years, the industry is the most relish, it is the rapid rise of Chinese tire brands. This is inseparable from the high development of relevant supporting industries.

Carbon black, steel cord, rubber auxiliaries, moulds, machinery and equipment... In these tyre matching industries, a number of Chinese enterprises have been developed and have international influence.

The products they offer are cheap and good in price to help the Chinese tire industry grow fast.

"Now, the situation is changing." Shen Jinrong said worried.

He found that recently in the Chinese market, foreign auxiliaries industry enterprises, the frequency of visits is particularly frequent.

Because they see, with the adjustment of China's industrial structure and policy, the opportunity is becoming more and more close to the producers outside China.

It is also introduced that China's traditional coal tar type carbon black is increasingly losing its price advantage.

In addition, the price of China's labor force is not particularly cheap as far as the global average or the emerging countries are concerned.

"More and more we feel the existence of the crisis," Shen Jinrong said. Enterprises have to think about this question: how should Chinese tires remain competitive for a long time? "